Oily Hair Care Hack For The Season - Balancing Shampoo and Conditioner

Oily hair is one big problem. You have to wash your hair every second day, sometimes every day. You might have limp and flat hair which might be killing your energetic vibe. Oily hair is one of the trickiest types to deal with. However, you can control oily hair with a change in lifestyle. 

So, the most important part of your hair routine is the Shampoo and Conditioner that you use at least two times a week. There are a few qualities that you should be looking for in Shampoo and Conditioner for oily hair:

Moisturizing Ingredients

The key to handling oily hair is to look for a shampoo and conditioner duo that has the right ingredients. Many of us might believe that we need shampoo and conditioner that does not have any oils since the fallacy suggests that an oil-based ingredient will make the hair oilier. However, your hair strands need hydration and moisture to eliminate the frizz and tame the flyaways. Therefore, nourishing oil for thirsty hair tresses is important for your hair.


Balancing Shampoo and Conditioner



Go sulfate-free! Sulfate is a great cleaning agent to wash your clothes or kitchenware but trust us, your hair does not need sulfate. This sulfate cleans efficiently but can strip away the natural oils in your hair. Isn’t that good for oily hair? NO-NO-NO. These natural oils keep the hair healthy and hydrated. Your hair might produce more oil for moisturizing the hair naturally. This is called an imbalance of pH Levels which will result in more oil production leaving hair greasy. Now to be on the safe side- NEVER USE A SHAMPOO WHICH HAS SULFATE OF ANY TYPE AS AN INGREDIENT, if you have oily hair.

Deep Cleaning

Oily hair needs constant cleaning! What is making the hair oily? The sebum and the grease. And there is only one way to get rid of it, washing your hair. That is right! But again washing your hair, again and again, is disrupting the pH Level. There is one solution to this stubborn problem- Buy a Balancing Shampoo and Conditioner. These formulas are developed to make sure to clean your hair while maintaining a normal pH balance.


Balancing Shampoo and Conditioner


Soothing Ingredients

The grease and sebum do not only make your hair oily. It also comes with bonus itchiness and irritation. This itchiness can literally kill any new opportunity you are desiring. Imagine having an itchy head while giving an interview or at a first meeting. Yikes! It will be quite a bad day. It can disrupt your daily routine. So how to overcome this problem that literally kills your energy? Well, look for a Balancing Shampoo that is not only sulfate-free but has ingredients that can help in soothing your itchy irritated scalp. More so, you should always read the ingredients especially if you have allergies to avoid health hazards.


GK Hair Balancing Shampoo and Conditioner is one of the best selling duos for oily hair in Puerto Rico. The reason- all the great qualities this best Balancing Shampoo and Conditioner duo has. Let’s break them down one by one so that you can make your decision

Does it moisturize while removing the grease and sebum? 

Yes it does. It is packed with Natural Seed Oils which help in hydrating the dull and oily tresses. The limp soft greasy hair is prone to breakage. These oils will function as natural oils avoiding intense breakage and split ends.

Is it sulfate-free?

Yes, the duo is sulfate-free. It does not strip off the natural oils. In fact, as mentioned before it has conditioning and hydrating oils to refresh the oily strands. No sulfate on the other hand means a well-maintained pH level. This is what makes GK Hair Shampoos and Conditioners very unique and has the best balancing shampoo.


Does it have Soothing Ingredients to put an end to irritation and itchiness? 

Yes it does! Balancing Shampoo and Conditioner Duo is packed with Natural Plants Extracts that can help in getting rid of the irritation and itchiness as a result of sebum and grease. It helps in soothing your hair in no time. 




Can it deep clean your hair like a sulfate shampoo?

Yes it does. This Balancing Shampoo formula has been a favorite of many hair experts who suggest using it before styling or hair treatment because of its ability to deep clean. More so, GK Hair Balancing Shampoo helps in restoring the moisture lost during the hair wash. 


Expert’s Tip: If you want to cut down the number of washes, make sure to use GK Hair Vegan Dry Shampoo.