Ever heard of the phrase, “the grass is greener on the other side”? It applies to us hair freaks as well. People with curly hair daydream only about pin-straight hair, and vice versa. Similarly, people with voluminous hair look for ways to get some flat roots, while flat-haired people can kill for some extra volume.The thing is, we have grown so accustomed to changing our hair shape, we don’t even like to be recognized with our natural hair anymore. Therefore, we have piled up a list of ways that could help you love and embrace your natural hair (read not only afro but all natural hair types). 



  • Know That Your Hair is Unique


    Every hair is different from the other, and that’s exactly what makes you unique. Seeking a change once in a blue moon is quite alright, but it deeply damages your hair if done on a regular basis. Don’t dwell too much on heat-styling, flat ironing, or curling; let your hair flourish on its own. Once you embrace the fact that your natural hair makes you stand out among the crowd, you’ll easily break the unending loop of damaging your hair and chopping it off and growing it out and damaging it again and chopping it off and….

  • Explore Your Hair Type


    Instead of ironing it into submission all the time, explore what type your hair is and what it needs. If your hair is bone-straight, chances are that it might get oily too soon and lack hair volume altogether. Hence, look for a product that absorbs excess oil from hair while adding bounce and body to it, such as VolumizeHer Spray. On the other hand, frizzy hair could use a product that provides extra moisture and nourishment, such as Deep Conditioner Treatment. Exploring what your hair needs might take a bit of experimentation, but once you do, you’ll be able to manage your natural hair more easily. 

  • Pinpoint the Issue


    What is it that bothers you the most about your hair? Is it frizz? Or excess oil? Or is it your hair texture? Pinpointing the issue can help you resolve it in a more effective manner and eventually lead you to embrace your hair more. Another thing to note down here is that while you are exploring your hair, not every day will be a good hair day. Your hair might look very well tamed, or your curls might not bounce the way they normally do. And that’s totally okay. Focus on the long-term achievement that is loving your natural hair more, and the dya will be over before you know it. 

  • Play Around With Your Natural Hair 


    How you wear your hair has a huge role to play in your overall appearance. So finding out what hairstyles suit your natural hair is the key here. Play around with different hair cuts and styles. See what makes your hair look like a signature in your personality and not an unnecessary add-on. Once you find out what goes with your hair texture, it won’t take long for you to fall in love with your hair. 


  • Protect Your Hair 


    We get it It’s hard to go cold turkey on heat-styling when your hair is unmanageable at its best. So, we recommend to heat-style your hair by keeping it well-protected. GK Hair ThermalStyleHer Cream is your BFF here. Its nourishing formula retains the natural moisture of your hair while styling and provides up to 450F of heat protection. So ace your bad hair days with just a bit of styling aid and the right protection.